Welcome to Passionately Loving Jesus!

My View from the Front Porch

Hi, my name is Bonnie. I am a mom of three grown children and a grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren. I rejoice that I am a child of God, a joint heir with Jesus the Christ (Messiah). My passion is Jesus Christ and sharing my love for Jesus through writing, teaching, singing and being an encouragement to others.

A few of my favorite hobbies are rock painting, crocheting and all things crafty. I am an avid reader and enjoy research. And last but not least, laughing at myself and with my friends is an essential part of my life!

Let’s Become Friends

I’m glad you came by! I really hope we become good friends! Have a seat on my front porch, there’s a couple of rockers available or perhaps you prefer sitting on my porch swing? I’ve made lemonade, or would you prefer iced tea? We can relax awhile together.

I know you may not have a lot of time to spare, but there is so much I want to share with you! I’d like to share my heart and allow you to feel free to talk about what’s on yours. I’ve gone through many things in my lifetime but the Lord Jesus is so faithful. Life is difficult, but the Lord is in control, always! We will have an awesome time together, I just know we will!

By the way, before you go have a look around and come back to see me soon. I am always adding items with the goals of encouragement and teaching. Below is a guide to get you started.

Menu Map of Goodies

Here is how my site is organized.

Menu LinkDescription
My ThoughtsThis is the area where you’ll find all my blog articles and teachings.
NewsWeekly Headlines and Commentaries from trusted sources/
The GodHeadYou will find 3 separate sections listed as 1. God the Father,
2. Jesus Christ, and 3. The Holy Spirit. Follow the links to read what I have posted.
File CabinetThis has miscellaneous posts such as How to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, Recommended News sites, teachers, books, Pastors, websites, and other goodies.
Photo GalleryHere you will see beautiful pictures that my friends have taken. I have added Encouraging verses. Feel free to share with others. I hope you enjoy them.
ShopThis is where you can find PDF E-books for download.
Truth FilesA work in progress where you can find the Absolute Truth from the Word of God pertaining to various topics.
7Rs JourneyA unique way I developed to draw closer to God by journaling verses as God Speaking to me personally, and then journaling the same verses as a weapon against the devil, as a prayer of thanksgiving and more.
Biblical StudiesStudies that have helped me in my walk are in this section.
QuestionsConcerns, thoughts, ideas, prayer requests go here.
LegalMumbo Jumbo…

That about covers it. Please subscribe and share posts and pages with others so they can be encouraged also! AND PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS.

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