7 R’s Devo Journey – Step 1

Step 1 – 1st R = Read   

Isaiah 43:1-3

Although our devotional has 3 Gemstone verses, I will only use Gemstone verse 1 throughout this series for my examples.

This will be the daily flow for each 7 R’s step.

  1. Prayer
  2. Read through the devotional verse/s out loud.
  3. Review any notes, and jot down any new thoughts or ideas.
  4. Step assignment

1 – Suggested Prayer:

My Abba,

please bring to my mind the precious gems that you want me to discover. Help me to focus my attention on You alone for these moments. Guard my mind and heart against the arrows of the enemy. For greater are you Lord who lives in me, than the deceiver of the world. In Jesus Name, I bow before you. Amen

2Read the selected Gemstone verses out loud , not silently. See with your eyes. Speak out loud with your mouth and listen to yourself with your ears.

Why Read Out Loud to Yourself?

  • Memory – we stimulate different areas of our brain and produce two types of memories. This makes our memory for the spoken word more distinct from the verses we read silently.
  • Reading aloud slows us down – When we read silently we see and process the words rapidly. Reading aloud forces us to read more slowly, which gives us more time to process what we’re reading and broadens our opportunity to hear God speak through Scripture.
  • Satan hears God’s Word – and he runs (see Rev 12:11)

3 – Write the daily Gemstone verses in your devotional journal, or you may download the free PDF journal sheets here. 

The full PDF Instruction guide with samples are available for download on the same page.

Why all the Writing?

Your Journal will become a:

  • Book of Precious Gemstones – By writing the scriptures in a bound book, you are in essence creating yourself a book of personal Gemstones gleaned from the Journal of God for quick encouragement.
  • Prayer Documentation – a book of “pen and ink” personal conversations with your heavenly Father.
  • Book of Remembrance – a reminder of how God has carried you when troubles came your way.
  • Legacy Keepsake for your child or grandchild – imagine reading your mom’s journey with Christ and understanding that they overcame with Jesus as their anchor.

4 – Review the Gemstone verses and look for words that “Sparkle” (stand out) to you. Highlight the words that Sparkle. Lookup any words in a dictionary for further clarification if needed.

Keep in mind that different words and phrases will sparkle differently based on what your needs are at the present moment. This is what is so awesome about our Heavenly Father. Moreover, He knows what we need even when we are not aware of it. (Or won’t admit it.)

You are learning to listen for the still small voice of the Lord, speak to you. Be sure and jot down any thoughts that come to you as you are reading and writing.


From verse 1: These were my Sparkle words I highlighted: created, formed, afraid, and ransomed.

Don’t Worry

If your mind goes blank or you are just getting what you think is junk, it’s OK. Blank is the enemy fighting your decision to take time with God. Don’t listen to him. Go ahead and WRITE I can’t think, my mind is blank, but God is my ……….!”

Do you realize what just happened?

  1. First, you called Satan’s bluff!
  2. Second, you wrote something!
  3. Third, you just won a battle!

Rejoice and be encouraged! Satan was expecting you to quit.

YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!!!! Woooo Hoooo! You go, girl!!!!

SUGGESTION: I use my computer and BibleGateway for searches. I will copy the verses and paste them in a document on my computer for quick reference sheets. Then I will print the document and include the sheet in my journal.

Scriptures used are from biblegateway.com and unless otherwise noted, I’m using the New Living Translation (NLT)Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

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