7 Rs Devotional Introduction

Welcome to a closer and more meaningful relationship with the Lord God Almighty by using the 7 Rs devotional tecnique!

Welcome to understanding just how much you mean to Abba (Father) God!

I am so excited that you have decided to give 7 Rs a chance to bring you and your Heavenly Father closer than ever before!

What is 7 Rs Devotional Bible Journaling?

First, it is not like any devotional you may be familiar with. This devotional uses a simple technique of rewording Gemstone verses three unique ways. This simple technique enhances the Gemstone scripture selections causing them to come alive personally to you.

There are 6 steps in the 7 Rs Devotional Bible journey. By following the 6 steps, you will certainly gain knowledge as you practice this way of spending quality time with God.

However, the goal here is not to increase your head knowledge, but to increase your heart knowledge.

By following the 7 Rs, you will develop a deeper, more intimate understanding of our wonderful Creator, Yahweh. Moreover, you will discover how much He loves you!

I will lead you through each step including examples to follow. It may seem awkward at first. However, once you get the hang of it, you will see how easy it is to use any Gemstone scripture God brings to mind. Moreover, your relationship will blossom!

But what are the 7 Rs you ask?

They are:

  1. Read
  2. Research
  3. Realize
  4. Reaffirm
  5. Recognize
  6. Reflect 
  7. Rejoice

Gods’ Word is a treasure trove of precious gems. But like most gemstones, you first have to find them.

  • Second, once you find them, you need to document your findings.
  • Third, there is research to see how valuable your find is.
  • Fourth, Is the documentation of your conclusions.

See? Easy Peasy! Best of all, You will be encouraging yourself and encouraging other Sisters in Christ, all the while building up your faith level.

You can pray these devotionals back to God. They will help you stand firm against Satan and hold your head up high knowing your place in the Kingdom!

The Beginning of a Closer Relationship

God revealed to me a little at a time over the past years how to personalize and reword His love letters to us thereby, helping me grasp the treasure of His heart toward me. It started with the book of Psalms and has been developing ever since.

And this is my prayer for you who will join me in using the 7 Rs devotions.


To make this journey more meaningful you may want to create your own personal journal from scratch. If so, I have included a short list of supplies for your creation.

To help you get started I have created free printable 8 ½ x 11 PDF journaling sheets that you may enjoy using to begin with. You can also download the complete PDF instructions from the same page.

Suggested Tools/Supplies:

  • Bible
  • Dictionary
  • 3 Ring-binder
  • Journaling paper of your choice
  • Highlighters
  • Writing instruments
  • Artistic supplies of your choice, (for personalizing your devotional pages etc)

Most of these supplies can be purchased at a local Dollar store.
You can purchase a journal if you prefer. However, by creating your own devotional journal, it becomes even more personal. What a wonderful heirloom this could become to pass down to a loved one for their own personal encouraging keepsake.

BTW, Journal is not a swear word. After all the Bible is God’s Journal to us!

Daily Flow

I suggest setting aside about 30 minutes each day to work on your Gemstones Devotional. Of course you do not have to limit yourself to only 30 minutes. That is up to you and God.

This will be the daily flow for each of the six 7 Rs steps:
1. Prayer
2. Reading through the devotional verse/s out loud.
3. Reviewing your notes, and jotting down any new thoughts or ideas.
4. Daily assignment 

My Terminology

  • God’s Journal ~ the Bible
  • Gemstones ~ Bible verses (God’s Word is full of precious gems for those who search)
  • Sparkle words ~ words that God brings to your attention (stand out)

Go to Step 1 – To begin digging for Sapphire Gemstones and Sparkles!

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