9 Video Clips that Reveal the Deception and Stand for the Truth of the “Vaccine”

My desire is to always reveal the deception and stand for the truth! God has brought us through 2021, admittedly many of us are bruised and wounded. However, God never fails and He does not lie!

If you have not read my encouraging New Years’ poem for 2022 you can read it here. I want to put a few items to bed before I begin what I believe God wants me to share with you in this new year. Therefore, this post contains informative video clips you may have or have not seen before.

Satan is the master of deception. The father of lies. You need to be aware of his tactics. He is fully aware that his time is limited and that Jesus’ return to put a stop to his evilness is soon. Therefore, Satan is not holding anything back. You must be prepared to be able to stand against the lies.

Jesus Christ is the Truth and our Hope. PERIOD. Keep your eyes on Him!

#1 – Are You Getting the Vaccine?

#2 – The Absurdity of it All

#3 -Pastor John MacArthur Shares Covid Facts

Pastor John MacArthur shares facts with his congregation regarding Covid December 2020.

#4 – Dr. Carrie Madej – “Human 2.0”?

#5 – Senator Ron Johnson and a Doctor of Natural Medicine

  • Clip #1 – Senator Ron Johnson on the Senate floor
  • Clip #2 – a Doctor of natural medicine explains how these shots will destroy your immune system.

#6 – Dr. Zelenko On Israeli Genocide

#7 – Fauci – Mask or No Mask Flip Flop

Clip of Mr. “I am Science” showing us his “science” in action.

#8 – Dr. Charles Hoff Explains How The Shot Causes Damage

#9 – Dr Shiva Explains the Bailout of Big Pharma

This clip shows one of the many reasons why Big Pharma needs you to continually take Covid boosters.

This is Spiritual Warfare!

If you have already taken the shots, and have not had any adverse relations, praise the Lord! Not everyone does at first. After all, you can’t kill everyone at once, then the truth would be evident and people would respond accordingly.

I have not and do not plan to take this shot nor any future shots developed. I know that I have a future in the kingdom of God. We all die eventually unless the Rapture happens first. I will stand on the Word of God which states “No weapon formed against me will prosper!Isaiah 54:17.

This is the plandemic “crisis” that was created to further the goals of the elite to set up the “Great Reset”. Look for more information in upcoming posts. The “Great Reset” is nothing more than the global world order of the Antichrist.

Maranatha! Until next time, I am Passionately Loving Jesus, the Anchor of my Soul.

ABC’s of Salvation – Repent and be saved from the Wrath of God to come.

Do you have a relationship with the King of kings, Jesus the Christ?

Recource Used

I recommend that you watch the five videos of Pastor Billy Crone in full at Get a Life Ministries Covid 19 Updates. There is so much excellent information.

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