There Is Hope! – Part 2

I wanted to continue to share with you the HOPE I have in Jesus Christ and His return to take His bride the true followers of Jesus Christ out of this sin-filled earth before the final 7 years of God’s wrath are poured out on a God-rejecting world. Once again let me reaffirm that there is HOPE!

This world has nothing to offer compared to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it amazes me that people will do almost anything to hold onto this fallen world.

Why would you want to continue to live in a world that is spiraling down into a black hole of death and destruction? A world where sickness and death reign supreme. Lawlessness abounds, and those with the money and power believe they are the “gods” we should listen to.


Salvation according to those who think they are the all-knowing ones, wants us to believe that by playing with the human DNA and turning us into computer cyborgs, we can cheat death and live forever in a utopia of their making. After they eliminate most of us down to 500,000 people and recreated into their likeness.

No thank you!

This is nothing more than satanic deception that is a repeat of the days of Noah.

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Once they start to play with changing you from the image of God into the image of satan, there will be no salvation available.

Jesus Christ did not die for human hybrids. He died to pay the penalty of those made in the image of Almighty God. Moreover, as I shared in my last post, Jesus Christ will remove His followers from this world BEFORE God unleashes His wrath.

Anyone that would tell you differently has been deceived. Satan wants you to fear that you will have to go through the final 7 years of history.

False Doctrine

There is false teaching known as “Replacement Theology“, which replaces Israel with the church as God’s elect. That is a false doctrine from the pit of hell.

Moreover, if the church replaces Israel, then you are forced to put the church in the coming tribulation.

However, the main purpose of the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation.

What’s the purpose of putting the church in the period of God’s wrath? The bride of Christ is already saved. Why would the bride need to go through the tribulation? She doesn’t. Therefore, there is HOPE!

Do not allow satan to rob you of that HOPE.

I encourage you to listen to Pastor JD’s Prophecy Update from September 18th.

Link to: A September to Remember.

Maranatha! Until next time, I am Passionately Loving Jesus, the Anchor of my Soul.

ABC’s of Salvation – Repent and be saved from the Wrath of God to come.
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