Fifteen Turkey Dinners

A silly poem by Bonnie Crowell

The book 10 Silly Monkeys Jumping on the bed, was going through my mind when … Fifteen Turkey Dinners was hatched.

For the past month, as I sit on my porch, turkeys have been strutting by. This particular day, I counted them. Fifteen turkeys went by. My friend was not feeling well so I sent her a text to give her a chuckle.

Fifteen turkey dinners all in a row,
ran down the fence line, not very slow.
Were they afraid, that someone would see,
fifteen turkey dinners, running for the trees?

15 turkey dinners 1

I had just sent the above text when the neighbors’ dogs came charging after MY TURKEY DINNERS! So I sent her two other verses.

Then came the neighbors’ dogs, running across the yard.
Eyeing the turkeys, those dogs were running hard!
All of a sudden, the turkeys did rise,
batting their wings, WOW, those drumsticks fly!

eat ham

Into the trees,
my dinners did go.
The dogs lost their treat,
but oh what a show!

Today, I added the ending for my “poem”…

Fifteen turkey dinners all in a row,
Thanksgiving day approaches,
I wonder if they know?
These fifteen turkey dinners,
better not be too slow!

15 turkey dinners
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