Our Magnificent God

Our Magnificent God

On this page I have divided into four sections, descriptions I have found in my study of God’s Word that give me hope and encouragement. This is not by any means an exhaustive list. I am sure you can add many other scriptures to this list. In fact, I encourage you to post your favorites with scripture references in the comment section below! There IS Hope and Encouragement in our Lord!

Looking at the Attributes of Who God Is:

All-MercifulDeu 4:31
AlmightyEx 6:3
Always the SamePsa 102:27
Close To the BrokenheartedPsa 34:18
Close To Those Who Trust HimNah 1:7
Compassionate & MercifulPsa 103:8
Dressed In a Robe of LightPsa 104:2
Enthroned On HighPsa 113:5
Faithful to Do What He Says1Co 1:9
Filled With Unfailing LovePsa 103:8
Forgiving Psa 99:8
Full Of Unfailing LoveNum 14:18
GloriousExo 33:22
God Knows Everything1Jo 3:20
Good to Those Who Depend On Him Lam 3:25
Good to Those Who Search For Him.Lam 3:25
Gracious & Merciful2Ch 30:9 
Great & AwesomeDeu 7:21 
Greater Than Our Feelings 1Jo 3:20
Infinite1Ki 8:27
JustPsa 71:16
LifeJn 11:25-26
Light & In Him Is No Darkness1Jn 1:5 
Longsuffering & Abundant In MercyNum 14:18 
Love1Jn 4:16
Mighty To SaveIsa 63:1
Rich in MercyPsa 136
Righteous In All the Works Which He DoesDan 9:14
Robed In Majesty & Armed With Strength.Psa 93:1
Slow To Get AngryPsa 103:8
Steadfast ForeverDan 6:26
UnchangeableNum 23:19
Wise in Heart & Mighty In StrengthJob 9:4
Worthy of Praise1Ch 16:25
YHVH the Holy GOD 1Sa 6:20

Our Almighty God is a:

Consuming Fire Deu 4:24 
Devouring FireDeu 4:24
Jealous GodDeu 4:24 
Just JudgePsa 7:11 
Merciful GodDeu 4:31 
Strong Refuge in the Day of TroubleNah 1:7

This Merciful God of Ours is THE:

Ancient of DaysDan 7:9
Avenger of blood1Sa 6:20
CreatorEcc 12:1
Everlasting GodIsa 40:28
Faithful GODDeu 7:9
Father of AllEph 4:6
Fountain of LifePsa 36:9
GOD Who Gave You BirthPsa 139:14
God Who Gives Just PunishmentJer 51:56
God Who is close & farJer 23:23
God Who Sees mePsa 33:18
Great GODDeu 10:17
Holy OneIsa 10:17
I AM WHO I AMExo 3:14
King & RedeemerIsa 44:6
King of GloryPsa 24:8
LORD of all the earthZec 4:14
LORD of lordsDeu 10:17
LORD Our LORDPsa 8:1
LORD Our Maker Psa 95:6
Mighty GODIsa 10:21
Mighty OneJos 22:22
Mighty SaviorZep 3:17
Most HighGen 14:19
Only One, Who is Truly Good.Luk 18:19
Revealer of MysteriesDan 2:47
Rewarder of Those Who Diligently Seek HimHeb 11:6
Supreme God of the Heavens-Above & the Earth Below Jos 2:11
Sure FoundationIsa 28:16

A Reminder, God is the God of:

Abraham, the God of Isaac, & the God of JacobMat 22:32
Glory Psa 29:3
gods & Lord Of lords. Deu 10:17
Great WondersPsa 77:14
Heaven & EarthEzr 5:11
Heaven’s Armies 2Sa 5:10
Israel  Exo 5:1
JusticeMal 2:17
Knowledge1Sa 2:3
LifePsa 42:8
Love2Co 13:11
PeaceRom 16:20
Salvation Psa 18:46
The Jews & the GentilesRom 3:29
The Living, Not the DeadLuk 20:38
TruthIsa 65:16
VengeancePsa 94:1

And this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of our Amazing God! He is More Than we could ever imagine!


Any errors found are not intentional, please inform me (respectfully) in the comments below.

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