7 Levels of Oppression

In my post on Monday, I shared how I was overcome by oppression this past weekend. Click here to read Monday’s post. In my post on Tuesday, we looked at what oppression is and is not. According to Renner.org, there are 7 levels of oppression Satan uses.

Oppression is Satan’s number one tool of choice to bind up and dominate our lives. We must be on guard and learn to identify our enemy’s tactics. Let’s look at them together today. When we are aware of our enemy’s tactics it’s easier to identify his vicious attacks!

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A Clearer Understanding


The word “oppressed” is the Greek word, katadynasteuo. This word carries the idea of domination, or more precisely, a dominating tyrant. It denotes the oppressive power of a wicked tyrant; one who rules over and cruelly tyrannizes his subjects, bullying them. It further describes one who is cruel; one who rules in despotism; a dictator; someone who is oppressive or tyrannical.


The word “devil” is the Greek word diabolos, which depicts one who repetitiously strikes until successfully penetrating an object to ruin it, affect it, or take it captive. This word diabolos means to slander, accuse, or defame; to penetrate by continuous assault; to ensnare with a net.

Who is the Real Oppressor?

Oppression comes from the devil, and it is an exterior pressure trying to subdue, smother, dominate, and rule you like a tyrant.

The devil will plant his lies and begin pounding a person’s mind or emotions. Moreover, he strikes repetitiously. He continues striking and striking and striking until he finally wears the person down. This results in his lies penetrating a person’s mind or emotions. He floods that person’s mind with his lies and takes him captive. From that point forward, the devil rules that individual like a tyrant.

When the devil penetrates the mind, he begins to take the mind hostage, and as a wicked tyrant, he begins to dictate what a person should feel, think, and believe. He will tell his victims what they can or cannot do and like a wicked tyrant, he subdues them. Therefore, the first level of oppression is a personal attack against the mind and emo­tions.

Satanic War

Level One: A Personal Attack

The first level of oppression is a personal attack against the mind and emo­tions. Remember, the devil is diabolos, and is the one striking and striking and striking the mind. The devil will say things such as you’re:

  • a failure
  • stupid
  • a freak
  • Something is wrong with you
  • You are __________________ (fill in the blank)

Satan will strike our minds ruthlessly and continuously. Moreover, age means nothing to him. From a very young age, we can be targeted. The devil’s intention is the penetration of our minds to gain access to and control over our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and ultimately destroy us and God’s purpose for our lives.

Level Two: Reinforcements

During the second level of oppression, the devil sends reinforcements to fortify his mental and emotional attack. In other words, the devil will use people to corroborate the lies he is speaking to you. Unfortunately, there are many who he can manipulate into helping him knowingly or unknowingly, such as:

  • a child’s parents
  • teacher
  • coach
  • friends
  • a boss, supervisor
  • your spouse, a Pastor
  • the media is a very useful tool

That is what the devil does; he brings in reinforcements through people who will yield to him to support what you are already hearing from him.

Level Three: Life Experiences and Disappointments

In stage three of oppression, the devil uses negative life experiences and disappointments to fortify his deceptive lies. Experiences throughout our lives from birth to the present can convince us that what we are believing and hearing is the truth. That is why it is important to support and speak God’s truth to each other. We need the Lord and each other.

Level Four: Influential Voices

In stage four of oppression, influential voices bolster the intensity of the devil’s attack. If an influential voice speaks to you, repeating exactly the same lie the devil had been speaking, it can become an overbearing, intensify­ing “proof” that what you believe is true.

Rick Renner, Pastor of a church in Moscow, has shared his story of oppression in his life beginning as a child to help others understand and overcome the lies of the devil. You can read his short story here.

The tongue is a fire, a world of evil. The tongue is among the parts of the body, defiling the whole body, and setting the course of nature on fire, and it is set on fire by hell. All kinds of beasts, and birds, and serpents, and things in the sea are tamed or have been tamed by mankind. But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who are made in the image of God. Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.

Book of James 3:6-10

Level Five: Negative Faith

In the fifth level of oppression, negative faith is released into the lie working in the mind and emotions. The devil’s purpose is to inundate our minds with a lie until we hear it so many times, the lie begins to become “truth” to us. What we believe about ourselves, our faith will empower to become a reality whether positive or negative.

Level Six: What Is Believed Becomes a Reality

When lies leave the mental realm and enter the physical realm, whatever you have believed becomes your reality. If you believe the lie that you are stupid, you become stupid. Moreover, If you believe you are a failure, you become a failure. If you believe you are a freak, you become a freak. When we believe the lie, our faith is released into it. When we accept the lie, it leaves the mental and emotional realm and enters the real, physical realm.

Level Seven: Domination for a Lifetime

The ultimate aim of the enemy is to take us hostage so he can dominate us for the rest of our lives. BUT THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO US!

If you are a person who is oppressed, the devil is literally ruling over you like a tyrant. He has found a foothold into your mind, emotions, and imagination and has built a stronghold there. Like a wicked king or a wicked tyrant, from that stronghold, the devil is trying to dominate and control your life. But, THERE IS FREEDOM through CHRIST!!

You have access to spiritual weapons, and the Holy Spirit will give you a strategy. A well-planned route of attack for a debilitating assault to pull down those strongholds. This will be the focus of my next post.

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Be encouraged! Until we meet again, I am, Passionately Loving Jesus, The Anchor of my soul!

If you are not yet a follower of Christ, know that God loves you and is longing for a RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU! It is not a coincidence that you have come across this website and especially this article. God has an awesome plan for your life!

Scriptures used are from biblegateway.com and unless otherwise noted, I’m using the New Living Translation (NLT)Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

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